Point-And-Click 3D

screenshot of point-and-click 3D! screenshot of point-and-click 3D!



Point-and-Click 3D was made as an exercise for the game programming course in a period of less than two weeks by two persons.

PointAndClick3D is a limited engine for 3D point and click adventures. It can load maps defined in .txt files which can contain light sources with lightswitches and doors with keys. The game is written in C++ using the Ogre3D engine.


The main challenge here was to use the Ogre3D engine. As it was the first time we used a 3D engine we had to get familiar with it.

To capture the user input we had to use raycasting, which was another new technique, but wasn't that difficult.

Collision detection is not included in the Ogre engine, so we had to implement it ourselves.


  • Editable Rooms.
  • Engine that supports the following objects (can be placed by editing the map):
    • lightsources
    • lightswitches
    • doors
    • keys


screenshot of point-and-click 3D! screenshot of point-and-click 3D! screenshot of point-and-click 3D! screenshot of point-and-click 3D!

Code Snippets:

Function that builds up the 3D world according to the map specified in the map.txt file.

Function that captures the users mouse input and handles it. Makes use of raycasting to determine the 3D coordinates of the mouseclick.


You can download the game here.
To run it, first unzip it, then go to the bin/release/ folder and run PointAndClick3D.exe
Look around by dragging the right mouse button, activate/pick up items with the right mouse button and walk with the wasd buttons. Have Fun!.

You might need to install the visual C++ 2005 redistributable to play this game, you can download it here.
You also need to have DirectX 9 installed, you can get that here.