screenshot of kirbob! screenshot of kirbob!



KirBob was made as an exercise for the game design course, which was part of my masters. It was made in GameMaker, to allow us to fully focus on the design of the game.

Kirbob is a 2D platform game with RPG elements in the fashion of the old Kirby and Metroid games. The player can collect new weapons during the game which will unlock access to other parts of the levels and will allow the player to kill other foes.

Players start out as Kirby and can transform into Sponge Bob in certain parts of the levels. Kirby has the advantage that he can jump and use weapons, but Sponge Bob can climb up walls and absorb water. The player has to use those abilities to solve small puzzles in the game.


Designing the levels was challenging, but fun.

The really bad collision detection of GameMaker presented us with a whole new challenge that was less fun and wasn't completely resolved in the final version.


  • Play as Kirby and transform in Sponge Bob and back!
  • A whole array of unlockable weapons.
  • Lots of different enemies and boss fights.


screenshot of kirbob! screenshot of kirbob!

Code Snippets:

As GameMaker uses a drag-and-drop interface for programming the game entities there are no code snippets available for this project.


You can download the game here.
Just double-click the .exe file to start the game.
You can navigate using the arrow keys.
Kirby can attack using the "s" key if he has a weapon. Spongebob can lose the water he absorbed by standing on a pipe and pressing the "down" key. Have fun!